Met Instruments Project

About the Project

The Meteorological Instruments Project is an ongoing collaborative effort implementing weather observing instrumentation across the contiguous United States. This project seeks to fulfill the need for affordable research grade observation systems for the average consumer.

These automated weather stations are apart of a greater network initiative called the Collaborative High-resolution Atmospheric Data Automated Surface Observing System (CHAD ASOS). Up to the minute maps, simplistic textual displays, and meteograms of CHAD ASOS data can be found on this site for your viewing pleasure. Data requests can be made 24/7/365 using our specified archives page. (Work in progress).

Applicable instrument calibration is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology and performed at an accredited ISO 17025 compliant laboratory. Each location complies with WMO and AASC recommended siting practices as close as practical.

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Please note while data is near real time, this does not equate to a quality controlled product. Never base important decisions off the information presented on this site. Please consult the National Weather Service and associated branches of the Department of Commerce for up to date weather information.