Met Instruments Project

TRX001 Site Information

Geolocation Data

New Truxton, MO
Warren County
Work In Progress
38.97902°, -91.23792°
222 m (728 ft) above Mean Sea-Level


R. M. Young 05103L Wind Monitor

Measured at a height of 3 meters.

Range: 0 – 100 m/s, 0 – 359°

Accuracy: ± 0.3 m/s (0.6 mph) or 1% of reading, ± 3°

Measures horizontal wind speed and direction.

Vaisala HMT337 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

Measured at a height of 2 meters.

Range: -70 to +180°C, 0 to 100%RH

Accuracy: ± 0.1°C, ± 1.0%RH (0 to 90%RH), ± 1.7%RH (90 to 100%RH) @ +15 to 25°C

Measures temperature, relative humidity, dew point, wet bulb temp., and mixing ratio.

Setra Systems 270 Barometric Pressure Sensor

Range: 800 – 1100 hPa

Accuracy: ±0.05% (±0.15 hPa) Full Scale (300 hPa)

Measures station pressure.

R. M. Young 52202 Heated Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

Range: 0.1 mm per tip

Measured at a height of 0.5 meters.

Accuracy: 2% up to 25 mm/hr, 3% up to 50 mm/hr

Measures liquid precipitation.

The Eppley Laboratory Precision Spectral Pyranometer

Range: 0 to 2800 W m-2

Accuracy: ±3-4% Absolute

Measures solar radiation.

Data Recording and Distribution

Campbell Scientific CR1000 Measurement and Control Data Logger

Records measurements from all instruments and outputs data via API to LAN every 10 seconds:

  • Date Time (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS)
  • Latitude (deg)
  • Longitude (deg)
  • Altitude (m)
  • Minimum Battery Voltage (V)
  • Average CR1000 Panel Temperature (°C)
  • 3m Average Wind Speed (m/s)
  • 3m Maximum Wind Speed (m/s)
  • 3m Average Wind Direction (°)
  • 2m Average Temperature (°C)
  • 2m Average Relative Humidity (%)
  • 2m Average Dew Point (°C)
  • 2m Average Wet Bulb Temperature (°C)
  • 2m Average Mixing Ratio (g/kg)
  • 2m Average Equivalent Potential Temperature (°K)
  • Average Heat Index (°C) (Changing to Wet Bulb Globe Temperature)
  • Average Wind Chill (°C)
  • Average Transducer #1 (hPa)*
  • Average Transducer #2 (hPa)*
  • Average Transducer #3 (hPa)*
  • Average Station Pressure (hPa)*
  • Average Mean Sea-Level Pressure (hPa)*
  • Average Altimeter Setting (inHg)*
  • Average Density Altitude (ft)*
  • Average Pressure Altitude (ft)*
  • Total Hourly Rainfall (in)*
  • Average Flux Density (W/m2)

*Instruments pending acquisition.

Arduino EPS32 With Ethernet Shield

Scrapes web API from CR1000 and uploads data via HTTPPost query to script on webserver each new data entry.

PUSR USR-W630 2 LAN Port Serial to WiFi Converter

Both CR1000 and Arduino connected via ethernet. Converter allows wireless LAN connection for data throughput.

Web Server

PHP script extracts data values from Arduino query and inserts them into MySQL 8 database.

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